2nd Thursday Dinner: Aegean

Thusday, April 9th

Take Out or Curbside Delivery: 5-7pm (4 pickup choices)

To Start:

Aegean spring salad
Local spring greens w/ garlic-roasted local root vegetables, Greek olives, pickled red onions,  Angelic rosemary rusk croutons, & lemon caper citrette


Lemon-Roasted Potatoes
Driftless Organics potatoes w/ lemon, garlic, & herbs

Kreotopita Beef Pies
Big River Beef, local vegetables, & Nordic feta sauce encased in a flaky crust; served w/ roasted red pepper yogurt sauce

— or —

Grilled Mushroom Kebabs & Chickpea Vegetables 

Garlic/olive oil marinated & grilled mushrooms w/ chickpeas, blistered peppers, & wild greens; served  w/ yogurt & Nordic feta herb sauce


Walnut & olive oil cake w/ orange/date/fig honey syrup

A note on our Covid-19 safety procedures while we are preparing your food

Everybody’s health – yours and ours – is something we take very seriously and is integral to the concept of nourishment, which is our mission. We’re keeping the menu choices very limited so we can create, package, and distribute them to you with a small group of staff members. We will all be monitoring our health, wearing masks in the kitchen and while distributing your food, washing our hands like crazy throughout, & wearing frequently changed disposable gloves whenever handling finished or packaged food. We will keep our front door propped open while handing off food so nobody has to touch the door, and are happy to bring out your food to your car if you sign up for curbside pick up when ordering.  We’re spacing out order times so that there’s never too many people picking up at once.   If you’re feeling sick, please send someone else to pick up your meal.  Thank you so much for your support & cooperation!