A note on our Covid-19 safety procedures for our Thursday take-out events:

Everybody’s health – yours and ours – is something we take very seriously and is integral to the concept of nourishment, which is our mission. We’re keeping the menu choices very limited so we can create, package, and distribute them to you with a small group of staff members. We will all be monitoring our health, wearing masks in the kitchen and while distributing your food, washing our hands like crazy throughout, & wearing frequently changed disposable gloves whenever handling finished or packaged food. We will keep our front door propped open while handing off food so nobody has to touch the door, and are happy to bring out your food to your car if you sign up for curbside pick up when ordering.  We’re spacing out order times so that there’s never too many people picking up at once.   If you’re feeling sick, please send someone else to pick up your meal.  Thank you so much for your support & cooperation!


Hello –

First of all, thanks to all our lovely customers for their support past, present, & future! We’ve always strived to provide a fun and vibrant gathering space for the community & serve good food, prepared with love & featuring ingredients from our local farmer/producer friends – all of which we couldn’t do without your support.

We’ve been going back & forth about the best way to move forward – how to best support our staff whether they want to come in & work or need to stay home, how to be responsible business/humans in a community at risk, & how to best provide what the community needs (be it a safe gathering space, good food, or whatever).

Since WI prudently declared the mandatory shut-downs of all WI bars & restaurants (with the exception of take-out/delivery), our mission of providing a gathering space has temporarily been taken off the table. We’re not currently set up for take-out/delivery either & hence have decided that the best thing for us is to close until we deem it safe for our staff & customers to re-open in some capacity.

We’re brainstorming fun things to keep engaged with you all virtually in the meantime, so please stay tuned. Many thanks to our Viroqua Chamber Main Street for starting a community gift card buying program to help provide some income for us & our other local business neighbors who have had to close or are experiencing a major loss of sales due to the pandemic. 

Thank you again for all your support. Stay safe & take care of yourselves. The good times will roll again.

— Dani & Mike Lind, and the rest of the Rooted Spoon Team